Friday, 18 March 2011

All tooled up (Tim)

Its a bit of a predicament really.  Vespas are known, indeed accepted, as temperamental and in need of constant adjustment and maintenance, and yet they are bereft of space in which to keep all the tools and parts you are likely to need while out and about.  I suppose Piaggio did make an attempt to address this with the 'tool box' mounted inside the legshield - but surely this is for keeping your curry safe while on the way home from the takeaway.

I have 2 piles of essential stuff that needs concealing safely and efficiently somewhere on the scooter for this trip.
- Pile 1 - Essential vespa spare parts (as seen earlier in this blog)
- Pile 2 - Essential tools for fitting essential spare parts

I bought a 'Vespa tool kit' off ebay for £9.99 - it apparently has everything you will ever need to fix your bike on the move.  I wasnt convinced though, so ive also added, a small adjustable spanner, a small multi screw-driver, a scalpel (you never know!), a pair of long nosed pliers and failing everything else, a medium sized pair of mole-grips.
All wrapped in 3 pieces of clean rag and slipped nicely into the blue nylon pouch with 'Vespa' printed badly on it.
Wrapped up, its about the size of a large cornish pastie (the sort from Cornwall, not Greggs the bakers) and weighs about the same as a pint of beer (again proper southern beer, not that aerated fizzy stuff that some places produce) - so its no insignificant piece of luggage to pack.
This I have decided will go in the bottom of my tool box - though as my tool box is far from water-tight I shall wrap it first in a good quality Marks and Spencer plastic bag (5p, 'no thanks I don't want another bag-for-life)

Have I forgotten any essential tool? (other than Scott)

I shall have a look at spare parts storage this weekend

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  1. Can I suggest a Maglite torch. I know the sun shines in Italy, but not all the time. You may even need it when readjusting the points or seeing how full the tank is. The "first knuckle' method won't work when your fingers are frozen!

    As for storage. Is it possible to make something that will fit inside the spare wheel under the left cover?