Thursday, 17 February 2011

Spares kit (Tim)

Chatting with Scotty yesterday, it dawned on me that he is clearly getting more road experience in than me. I am a fair-weather rider and as such might only get out on my Vespa once a week -if I'm lucky - depending on when the sun decides to show his face. Scotty on the other hand is riding his Vespa every day, come rain or shine!

I decided that I must make more effort to build up some experience if I am to make this big trip without too much stress or injury, and so today I took a little spin out into town - I'm proactively trying to get more exposure to busy roundabouts and complicated junctions - I don't like them, but I cant avoid them so I might as well get used to them.
I noticed I was getting a little low on 2-stroke oil so it seemed like a good excuse to pop into Gransport. Dan was as welcoming as ever and didn't even smirk when I told him of Scotty and my plans for Italy (I am very conscious of perhaps appearing the naive nu-boy)
We got round to talking about spares needed for such an epic journey and before I knew it, dan was piling the shop counter with essential parts.

Do I really need 3 replacement gear/throttle cables? AND 2 replacement brake/clutch cables?
Dan painted a scenario for me where I was stranded on the side of an Autostrade with all cables snapped (??!!) .... He was right, I would need all those cables (??!!)
And 2 spark plugs, a handful of cable nipples and 8 replacement bulbs!!!
I wasn't going to doubt Dans experience and hard-learnt wisdom but I was surprised at just how accepted it is that all these bits are likely to be needed. In the end I didn't think that 30 quid was too bad for a complete backup kit

So, I've got MY spares. I hope Scott is bringing more than just a spare pair of sunglasses with him


  1. I'm bringing two pairs of sunglasses and my mankini.


  2. Tim, just think how many JD and Cokes Scotty will buy you when one of his cables gives up in the hills.