Saturday, 23 April 2011

Analysis (Tim)

Some road trip analysis;
  • Distance covered on the scooters (ie in the saddle) - 1124 miles.  Scottys total distance was a little less due to living a little closer to Harwich than I do.
  • Fuel consumed - 67.2 litres.  Thats about 10 petrol station stops, and at the outrageous Italian fuel prices of 1.55 euros/litre, that equates to about £100 of fuel. That's about 9 pennies per mile or about 21 miles for the cost of a gellato.
  • Fuel consumption rate - 76 MPG (miles per gallon) - Calculated over the whole trip.  Scotty appeared to be consuming fuel at a slightly faster rate than me particularly when motoring hard, but even so its a pretty good figure I think.
  • Top speed - We think our speedometers were fairly well matched and if they were reading accurately we were generally peaking at 50mph, though our preferred leisurely speed was more like 40mph
  • Worst daily average speed - 16.3mph.  This was on our 11 hour run down from Hook of Holland to Dusseldorf where we spent as much time reading maps/roadsigns/sun etc as we did driving.  Interestingly, on our return run (Dusseldorf to Hook of Holland) along pretty well the same roads, we averaged 19.7mph - which might still seem pathetic to you, but to us was a real result!
  • Best daily average speed - 29.3mph.  This was on my last day riding from Hertford to Birmingham.  I knew the route, I was confident of the bike, and I was in desperate need of a dentist appointment.  Of course another factor was that I didnt have Scotty with me but I simply refuse to accept that Scotty does anything other than 'propel' me
  • 2-stroke oil consumed - A little difficult to tell exactly, but I only emptied one of the two one-litre bottles of oil that I was carrying
  • Changes to my own body weight - Im not sure why this might be interesting or important, but it appears that I lost 1.8kg.  Im not surprised, its pretty well impossible to snack while riding and with a helmet on (perhaps we have discovered the next diet fad?)

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  1. Here's mine:

    980 miles total.

    Never broke 65mph

    Top speed indicated 68mph. Real life speed 62ish. Bloody scary too!

    Rotterdam was a bunch of arse. Both times. Took at least 5mph of our average speed.

    Best daily speed. None. London was traffic clogged both ways.

    2 stroke used approx 1.5 litres.

    I'm still a porker. No change.