Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pushing one's luck (Scotty)

Over the years I have been to many different weird and wonderful places. I have somehow always managed to make things work, through blind luck mostly. Sometimes I think that I push it too far. Today we were racing along De Wall Dyke, which is a beautiful 20km stretch of curve after smooth curve, with very few cars on and a beautiful view across the river. I was getting low on fuel, the gas light was flickering, then on full. No petrol stations, maybe Leerdam has some, none. We hit a diversion along some smaller dykes, no petrol stations. We get back on the main road to Culemborg. Light had been on for ages, and the needle was below empty. Aaarrrgghhhhh! Drove past Culemborg, none on the main road at the start, must be one further down. Culemborg disappears in my mirrors. Panic sets in. No pipe to syphon from Tim's... No time for sending Tim off and waiting either. Panicky sweats start. Needle can't get any lower, it was on the stop. Eventually we get to Leerbroek, and find the right road to our next town and there is a petrol station just past the roundabout on the road we wanted. As I came out of the roundabout, it spluttered. And then spluttered again. Oh no! As I turned into the gas station entrance, and changed back down into second, one last splutter the died. The scooter stopped rolling one meter from the pump.

That is too close for comfort. Perhaps I'm getting too old for these dramas! Awesome luck though, glad it still works. I'm a jammy bugger sometimes. {touches wood}


  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
    It's no more expensive to keep the top half of the tank full than to work on the bottom half ... and you will NEVER run out of fuel. Sometimes even luck will run out.
    Even so it was nicely timed when your luck finally ran put.

  2. thats why i carry a 2Litre spare in the lammy inside legsheild toolbox