Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A run in with the law (Scotty)

We arrived in Allesandria in plenty of time, which was a rather pleasant change. Whilst smugly congratulating ourselves, we then realized we were in an old city with a confusing one way system round squares. And no map. De ja vu. After buzzing about for 15 minutes aimlessly we found the train station. Which turned out to be the Town hall. We were looking who to ask and saw a police man getting out of his high performance pursuit Nissan Micra. Tim asked for directions, and the nice man said follow me. A police escort, awesome! The vespas helped us again, unfortunately Tim's Italian didn't stretch to 'can we have blues and twos please' but it was fun anyway. We were delivered to the train station with an hour to spare. Brilliant.


  1. Oi, wot's wrong with Nissan Micras, you car fascist

  2. i like tht high performances i bet its got a K&N air filter woooo lmao