Saturday, 23 April 2011

oil leak update (Tim)

I hadn't been home 24 hours and I was desperate to get the bike cleaned .... and to inspect that suspicious oil leak.
I was surprised and delighted to find on removal of the gearbox oil filler screw that indeed there was no noticeable loss of oil - I managed to get a couple of squirts in, but that's all.  I wondered where that damp oily patch was coming from, and my conclusion is that it must have been a bit of blow through the clutch housing breather pipe when we were motoring hard to get to the ferry.  I shall keep an eye on it, but for now it doesnt appear to be a problem.

I think I could have made a quicker job of cleaning the bike if I had had compressed air.  The back end of the scooter was covered in a layer (thick in places) of fine grey dust. At first sight I would have said this was brake-shoe lining - but there was far too much for that.  maybe it was just a mix of exhaust soot and road dust.  Whatever it was, it brushed off easily before getting a soapy sponge onto it.
I took the racks off and stored them carefully.  I was planning to sell these on my return, but I'm afraid Ive caught the travel bug and I'm already dreaming of my next trip - so I will definitely be using racks again.

Other than adjusting the clutch cable and the front brake cable, there was nothing else that need to be done to have the scooter ready again for about town riding.  Brilliant!

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